Friday, April 19, 2013

these past few days have shown major events that have proven to be dramatic to say the least.bombs in boston, explosions in texas...among other places....they are all...horrific. yes. yet...the reaction to the bombings in boston, and the subsequent capture...and killing of the...suspects... have left me angry. we are no better than the supposed bombers when we speak of letting him..bleed out... ramming a red bull up his... .. shoot him in the face...etc..etc.. what the actual bombers did was unspeakable....but wishing the same..or worse on people that have not been proven worse.the ones who executed this event got their proper reaction from the masses... they got their energy that they so hungrily crave. i just cannot join in on the ...festivities, because i feel no joy in the ...kill the beast!...mentality. i can't. these are people too... someone's son... brother, uncle...friend... 
did these people do this crime? i don't know... and you don't either. we are wicked little gremlins...

Monday, December 17, 2012 i am again..i don't post often..i don't have eloquence...or knowledge to back me.
yet i must write...for myself...but if you read this, and have similar feelings...welcome.
it is mid december. there have been multiple events. they all are troubling. they all are unfortunate
how many of these events have to happen...and we see the same information, the same chain of events.... but we still believe them...we still react the same way to the staged activities for us to think we saw.
the shootings...the storms...the attacks...the deaths...the entertainment that just so happens to include key places, and names...descriptions... .... really... really? this is getting so tiring. try something new guys! go to a new script! we know! we know what you're doing!!
only've decided to take this to a new height!! school! how dare you!
i know... you dare...because you have us by the balls.

Monday, July 23, 2012

i don't pretend to know much of anything... i have stated as such in earlier posts... i don't post a lot of essays... because i have too many televisions playing in my head... and i don't always let you know which one is being featured at any given moment.
there are some things that i do know though.....i have learned to recognize when i have been played...and this whole scenario that is a very surreal playing
i hate being played. i hate being given ridiculous answers for obvious actions.
we've been played. big time.
we are being dragged into group-think.
we are being told what fact, what to believe,and how to react to it.
then we are being vilified, if we ...don't "tow the mark"...and believe like the "dumb-masses"
life is a stage. this was staged
we are the actors... and reactors...
orange hair... tsk..tsk... green please.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

hey! i haven't written in a while.... not because of a lack of material...
i can't wrap my head around all of this.
fires in colorado, and new mexico,...tornadoes in ontario, in central new york the past couple of days have felt like sunshiny hurricanes have been surrounding us!
our fearless leaders are becoming blatantly obvious with how they plan to devour us.

i look at our skies...they are generally filled with white streaks forming a quiet web over our heads. one listens to me.
so, i say less and less.
and i listen.
i listen and watch.
what i hear and see makes me sad.

people still think they can their way out of this.
vote for what?
who ?
it's maddening.....
we are mad....

Sunday, January 22, 2012 evil that must be avoided. we were born without it. we have been programmed to embrace it. i will not. people will use the ever ...what about people who will harm , or "dumb people" who can't make good decisions...? really? you've just described the government!
people like to believe in bogeymen, so they can accept something as nefarious as a government.
they can't bring themselves to entertain the thought that maybe, just maybe, we as sovereign people on the land could handle governing ourselves.
would it be a perfect world? no, but when the government protects the people who would harm, or the "dumb people" who can't make good's much, much worse.
i am not a pollyanna...i do not believe everyone is good. i just see the evil people in another light.
most people want to drive on the right side of the road because it's a really good idea, and it's been proven to work. most people want to live, and let live. some of course do not.
that is the chance that is taken in a truly free society.
freedom does not cost.
freedom just is.
but in a free society, i will not force my ideals on anyone.
i'll just write about them here...........

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

today, i feel an especially heaviness in my being... a little boy in our neighborhood has been fighting leukemia for about 10 months now. he is 7 years old. much too young for pain, never mind the the ever changing list of infections that are bombarding this child on a daily basis.
today i have learned he is back in the childrens' hospital. he cannot eat, and breathing is difficult. at first it was thought that he had contracted hoof and mouth disease. now, the doctors aren't so sure.
he's losing weight, cries when he tries to eat, and his temperature is hovering the 104 mark. his parents are exhausted, as they have 2 younger children at home who need them also.
as we are all in the blog world, focusing on the horrors of this world that have been brought on by selfish sub-humans, today i just want to focus on something outside of this.
this little boy did nothing to deserve this. his voice can't be heard. his parents need care, compassion, and rest.
who here on this planet can give this to them....and others in similar conditions?
there is no answer..that is certain, for if there were, certainly these situations would change.

Friday, September 9, 2011

well... the time is coming up for a big memorial. on sunday, the ones still trying to spoon feed us the fairy tale of 9-11 will celebrate the dead. they will read those names, and hypnotize the sheep, to keep them asleep, and bo peep will never have to find them. vigilant sheep will be asked to rat on their fellow sheep, if something looks suspicious.. like a wolf, in sheep's clothes.. or a sheep in turbans....or.. now, to our shock and awe.. we have become our own enemy. a sheep in jeans and tee shirts! nikes.. or sketchers! what to do! what to do!
i think i'll read another story that has more truth to it... mary had a little lamb. it's fleece was white as snow. and everywhere that mary went the lamb was sure to go. it followed her to the site one day, which was against the rules.. because when the lamb saw what was there, she saw that they were fools.