Friday, September 9, 2011

well... the time is coming up for a big memorial. on sunday, the ones still trying to spoon feed us the fairy tale of 9-11 will celebrate the dead. they will read those names, and hypnotize the sheep, to keep them asleep, and bo peep will never have to find them. vigilant sheep will be asked to rat on their fellow sheep, if something looks suspicious.. like a wolf, in sheep's clothes.. or a sheep in turbans....or.. now, to our shock and awe.. we have become our own enemy. a sheep in jeans and tee shirts! nikes.. or sketchers! what to do! what to do!
i think i'll read another story that has more truth to it... mary had a little lamb. it's fleece was white as snow. and everywhere that mary went the lamb was sure to go. it followed her to the site one day, which was against the rules.. because when the lamb saw what was there, she saw that they were fools.