Sunday, January 22, 2012 evil that must be avoided. we were born without it. we have been programmed to embrace it. i will not. people will use the ever ...what about people who will harm , or "dumb people" who can't make good decisions...? really? you've just described the government!
people like to believe in bogeymen, so they can accept something as nefarious as a government.
they can't bring themselves to entertain the thought that maybe, just maybe, we as sovereign people on the land could handle governing ourselves.
would it be a perfect world? no, but when the government protects the people who would harm, or the "dumb people" who can't make good's much, much worse.
i am not a pollyanna...i do not believe everyone is good. i just see the evil people in another light.
most people want to drive on the right side of the road because it's a really good idea, and it's been proven to work. most people want to live, and let live. some of course do not.
that is the chance that is taken in a truly free society.
freedom does not cost.
freedom just is.
but in a free society, i will not force my ideals on anyone.
i'll just write about them here...........

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

today, i feel an especially heaviness in my being... a little boy in our neighborhood has been fighting leukemia for about 10 months now. he is 7 years old. much too young for pain, never mind the the ever changing list of infections that are bombarding this child on a daily basis.
today i have learned he is back in the childrens' hospital. he cannot eat, and breathing is difficult. at first it was thought that he had contracted hoof and mouth disease. now, the doctors aren't so sure.
he's losing weight, cries when he tries to eat, and his temperature is hovering the 104 mark. his parents are exhausted, as they have 2 younger children at home who need them also.
as we are all in the blog world, focusing on the horrors of this world that have been brought on by selfish sub-humans, today i just want to focus on something outside of this.
this little boy did nothing to deserve this. his voice can't be heard. his parents need care, compassion, and rest.
who here on this planet can give this to them....and others in similar conditions?
there is no answer..that is certain, for if there were, certainly these situations would change.