Monday, July 23, 2012

i don't pretend to know much of anything... i have stated as such in earlier posts... i don't post a lot of essays... because i have too many televisions playing in my head... and i don't always let you know which one is being featured at any given moment.
there are some things that i do know though.....i have learned to recognize when i have been played...and this whole scenario that is a very surreal playing
i hate being played. i hate being given ridiculous answers for obvious actions.
we've been played. big time.
we are being dragged into group-think.
we are being told what fact, what to believe,and how to react to it.
then we are being vilified, if we ...don't "tow the mark"...and believe like the "dumb-masses"
life is a stage. this was staged
we are the actors... and reactors...
orange hair... tsk..tsk... green please.